BizSpark Program and Microsoft for Startups


Microsoft started the BizSpark program to help startups and software entrepreneurs in 2009. It offered tons of benefits like 750$ credit/month for Microsoft Azure, free access to MSDN Subscriptions in which you can use licensed software like Visual Studio, Microsoft Word, Excel, and other Microsoft products. The main aim of this program was to help entrepreneurs bring ideas to life and build product/services which can help businesses and people.

To signup for BizSpark, simply you had to fill up the form online and send the details of your idea. If the BizSpark team liked your idea, they will approve it and give you free three years access to Microsoft Azure and other products.

Recently, the BizSpark program was discontinued on February 14th, 2018 and Microsoft created a new program with the name ‘Microsoft for Startups‘. Microsoft has partnered up with startup accelerators, incubators and VCs all around the world. To sign up for this program you have to contact one of Microsoft’s local program director to learn if you can qualify for this programs exclusive benefits. Here is a list of partners which you can look on Microsofts website.

This program can really help entrepreneurs out there who are working on their ideas or are in the middle of their startup journey, they can really get benefit out of this program. I wrote this blog just to spread the word about this program or if it can help anybody. If you need further help, shoot me an email and I can get you in touch with one of local Microsoft’s representative.


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  1. Harris, That is a great post. I am working on a healthcare product. I would love to get in touch to see how my team can benefit from this program.

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