About me


I am extremely passionate about building digital products/startups. I have designed and led the development of multiple software projects. I have deep technical knowledge, as well as leadership and people skills. I am a strong believer in making this world a better place through innovative technologies. 

I believe that you can only be superior in a topic when you spread that knowledge to others around you.  I share my experiences and learnings on this site to contribute to the online community. 

I have been passionate about technology since childhood. I have been doing programming and blogging since high school. My last blog which I maintained for 5 years and expanded to a team of 6 people with monthly traffic of 10K. After graduation, I worked in the software industry for a year and a half and then started my own software startup.

Sectors I have worked in:
– Retail
– Education
– Healthcare
– Finance
– Real Estate
– Fitness
– Government digital transformation (Prototyping solutions for Health care –  bed blockage problem in UK and immigration of Kuwait)

My Personality:
To make the most out of your life. One must know about personal traits. So I took the 16Personalities test, here are my results

Proud Member of:


STEM Ambassador