Azure Locks – How to prevent accidental deletion of azure resources

Microsoft Azure offers a feature known as ‘Locks’. It enables to prevent deletion and applying unexpected changes to azure resources accidentally. By default, Owner and User administrators have access to apply Locks. There are two types of Locks: CanNotDelete and ReadOnly CanNotDelete means authorized users can still read and modify a resource, but they can’t delete the…

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What are Minification and CDN?

Minification is the process of reducing the size of files to load content faster which results in lower bandwidth, faster results and better user experience. Step by step minification process: It is a very simple process:1. Write the code in development environment. 2. Minify the file. 3. Deploy it on the server and you are…

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BizSpark Program and Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft started the BizSpark program to help startups and software entrepreneurs in 2009. It offered tons of benefits like 750$ credit/month for Microsoft Azure, free access to MSDN Subscriptions in which you can use licensed software like Visual Studio, Microsoft Word, Excel, and other Microsoft products. The main aim of this program was to help entrepreneurs bring ideas…

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Azure web apps support multiple frameworks n languages

Azure web app is a service which can host your site. As Microsoft is moving towards more open source approach (Microsoft has acquired GitHub) it has enhanced the capability of its cloud platform Microsoft Azure offers. Web apps support multiple frameworks and languages: ASP.NET ASP.NET Core Java Ruby Node.js PHP Python In order to experience and…

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