Haris Tauqir

Hi, I am

Muhammad Haris Tauqir

a software developer in London

About me


I have more than 8 years of experience in developing software’s at startups and established tech companies. I have designed and led the development of multiple software projects which were reviewed and approved by Microsoft, Deloitte and were selected in Web Summit. I have the deep technical knowledge, as well as leadership and people skills. I am passionate about building software products that make businesses and people more productive and successful every day. I am a strong believer in making this world a better place through innovative technologies. 

I believe that you can only be superior in a topic when you spread that knowledge to others around you.  I share my experiences and learnings on this site to contribute to the online community. 


CTO – Cloud Stem Ltd | Co Founder – Grow in Cloud | Co Founder – My AdminSoft | Co Founder – VizBook

I have been passionate about technology since my childhood. From high school, I have been doing programming and blogging. My last blog which i maintained for 4.5 years and expanded it to a team of 5 people with monthly traffic of 40K. After my graduation, I worked in software industry for two years and then started my own 3 software startups (out of which 1 failed within an year). 

Sectors I have worked in:
– Retail
– Education
– Finance
– Government digital transformation (Prototyping solutions for Health care –  bed blockage problem in UK and immigration of Kuwait)

Tools & Technologies:
HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, AngularJS, Angular 2+, VB, C#, .Net, .Net Core, JAVA, R, SSIS, SQL Server, SqlLite, MySql, PHP, Microsoft Azure, TFS, Git, SVN

My Personality:
To make the most out of your life. One must know about personal traits. So I took the 16Personalities test, here are my results

Proud Member of:


STEM Ambassador


I post book recommendations here that I think are worth reading. So, maybe this will be interesting to some people: below is a complete catalog of the books. I enjoy reading books on my daily commute to work and home and especially on weekends. If you have any suggestions you can email me the book names which should be added to this list.


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